Monday, December 15, 2008

Lots o news

Well we finally got our tree decorated!!! I cannot wait to move out of this house so that we can have taller trees (low ceilings!!!) We went old school with the large bulbed Christmas lights this year. I like it sort of classic.
Went for a walk today with some kids that I watch and we found little birdie prints. It reminded me of those cartoons where they follow the tracks and they go all higgely piggely.

We have a neighbor who thinks this toilet is fantastic apparently. It is out all year, just with the flowers switched out. They haven't kept of with the times.

This looks like snow in Florida.

I love the way the snow just lays on branches, it's like they are gilded with snow.

Last night it snowed and this was some stranger's footprints past my house and he was the first to make his mark in the snow.

Well I finally finished my mother's scarf and it looks really good. I am currently working on my mother and father-in-laws presents. His hat is 1/2 way done and I can finally get started on her present I hope they like them.

Bad news for some reason lately my knee has been bothering me and turns out I have something called Chrondromalacia (runner's knee) I guess I got it because I have been working out to lessen my stress during the holidays as well as lose a few pounds. It turns out that the cartlidge under the knee cap is irritated and it needs it's rest.

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