Friday, January 23, 2009

Drinking Tea

I changed my blog as you can see, I hope that everyone likes it. I just wanted to stick to something simple and I am trying to find a good photo to put at the top of my page that will fit right. Anyhooo...

Well I am sitting here drinking some black chai tea with some honey in it trying to relax. Once again the realtor wants to come upend my life and today is not a good day for that. I have a child here and my cats and my husband is going to have to take the afternoon off from work to come help me take care of getting all of the kids and animals out of the house for at least a half an hour.

But other than that all is well. I finished a silly little pouch I made for our white board makers. And took G's hat off the circulars and put them on the double points that are smaller around so that it will look cleaner and tighter.

But mostly I am shocked I haven't been putting anything on the needles and I think that I am starting to lose my mind. I haven't been able to make too much time for knitting and so I have all this pent up stress which releases when I knit.

Found out that G is going to get a transfer and it is going to be where his parents live so that will be great. So we are moving in March over spring break and my birthday. I am going to have to start looking for a different temporary job until we find a house to buy. Then I can go back to providing child care. I am super excited because once we get a house G and I can start adding to our family which we are both psyched for I cannot wait.

Any ways I will post again later bye.......

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  1. That's a very cute puch.. I hope the move goes smoothly for you!