Saturday, April 11, 2009

Well it's Saturday. It has been a long time since my last post. We have been doing some finishing touches on getting settled, here. We have also been looking at some houses around here.
You may be disappointed in me because I have no knitting to show for the last week and half. I keep trying to do some socks, but things keep mysteriously happening to them, like a huge hole, or the dog runs off with the skein and tears the knitting all apart. I just want to do these darned socks alreadY!!!! I just spent the afternoon with my nephew and neice, they are so cute.
Well here is the situation, three bedroom house, 2 bathroom house. There are four humans, 3 dogs, 5 cats, and 3 fish (the fish really don't take up any room at all.)
But the animals seem to be enjoying the menagerie, and Greg's parents seem to be happy to have us. So I guess I won't worry too much about being a burden.
I am really enjoying living here in this area, and it is nice to be closer to family. I also went and checked out the local yarn place, Circle of Yarn, it is wonderful I bought some Alpaca yarn, made in Bolivia, and it is a beautiful orange color, I think that I will make something for Greg. Orange is his favorite color. I am bound and determined to finish my socks though.

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  1. Glad to hear things are working out well (except for the sock)