Thursday, June 4, 2009


Well I got the little ones all fed, changed, and dressed, so their dad(my brother-in-law) could wake up and take them out for the day. I thought that the kids were hard, they are a piece of cake compared to trying to wake up their dad. Anyways they all left about 10 minutes ago and now the house is nice and peaceful and I get some knitting and cleaning done. But not until I take a break from life and do some blogging.
Here are some pictures of the little munchkins....


Here is some knitting that I have been working on it is a cable lace hat, that I found on Ravelry by Chicabean or that is what the hat is called. But I thought it was the cutest pattern so I decided to knit it up. Sorry for the photo quality, I am not sure what to do it was bad light and then I tried to fix it in a different program than I am used to so oh well...

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