Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I haven't been anywhere near my blog for forever... I have been helping my brother in-law with his kids and we are all here under one roof. But I am starting to go crazy. I love everybody, and I am ever so thankful to have a roof over my head, but I am so tired of having to get changed in the bathroom where there is not enough room to move, and you ask why am I changing in the bathroom even when I don't have to use the potty? Because sometimes people don't wait very long after they knock to come in. I don't like being caught with my pants down (haha).
I am stressing slightly.... okay a lot our cat Slinkie is becoming an outside cat and so I worry about him outside during the day and whether or not when we find our own house will he be okay to do that there as well. I know I am a complete loon, but as a kid I had all outside cats and they all died from being eaten or getting lost (I lived in the woods, lots of predators) and I just would like to keep a cat for longer than that.
I am knitting a pair of socks off of Ravelry the River Rapid socks, I call them aqua socks cause of their color. anyhoo. I gotta go I need to go get my hair cut.

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