Thursday, September 17, 2009

On the mend.

Well my back is starting to get better, I was able to sit on the floor with the kids yesterday without the spasm of pain that I usually get. I couldn't sit there for long, but it's progress. Slinkie is getting better very quickly he is bathing himself regularly and he is going outside again. I am so thankful to everyone who had good thoughts. Well the hubs had his first JV game and they tied 2 to 2 Which is great because half of the kids on his team had never even played before. The Varsity played later and they won 3 to 1.
Fallon had her 1st birthday yesterday. We casually invited a few people, and when it was time for the party to start we thought for sure no one was going to make it, but then bam!!! The doorbell rings and everybody is there. We had five little ones running around the house, Fallon herself, her brother Mattix, and her guests, Jaycee, Willem, and Chase. They were so cute.
As for knitting I am almost done with the Cowl, and I started some fingerless mittens.

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