Sunday, January 10, 2010

Well I am thinking about joining a sock of the month club, but I am not sure which I should join, I never really realized how many of them were limited by location of groups. I think I might join the The Great Sock Off of 2010 off of Ravelry. But then again I am not to sure which one I like yet if there are any other suggestions please leave them in the comments. Well I have been taking lots of pictures of my two kitties to send to my mother because she got them a new cat bed for Christmas and I thought she would like to see them using it.

And I have finally started to try and finish this sock after all the time it has spent in my purse you would think that it would be further but I was neglecting it. I noticed that it was getting a little patch of laddering so I ripped it back to try and fix it. I am now past that and a little further on. Here is the pic.

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