Monday, February 22, 2010

Changed My Mind

Well it has been a long while since I last posted. Well in my last post I told you that I was going to knit the Newfie pattern for the Olympics, well I got halfway and did not like them at all. So I decided to go a different route. Instead I am knitting these... They are called Urban Necessity. I thought they would be perfect. Well according to the measurements my size should be a small, but I started that and they were too tight for my taste. So I knit a bigger size and this is the first one done TADA!

Well here they are open and then closed

Here is the neat little diamond pattern up close.

I did change a few things to suit my hand a little more but other than that I followed the pattern to the letter. I am going to finish up the second one and then I will be making this again but I have decided to knit them in a fun variegated yarn this time.

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