Saturday, May 1, 2010

To The Gusset!

Well I am almost to the point where I need to begin my increases for the gusset. I have never knit a sock like this but the pattern seems so simple you just keep knitting in the pattern on the top of the foot and then for the sole you make increases at the beginning and end until you have so many then you do something similar to a short row heel for the turn. And then you knit a slip stitch heel flap. Sounds easy enough.
Here is the progress so far on the sock it's shorter than normal before I start the heel which scares my to death, but oh well it's a different heel and so I will follow the directions.

This picture is of the cables I wanted to show how much they actually stand up from the sock. Pretty aren't they?


  1. Looks fantastic. I love the cables

  2. I've never done a sock from toe to heel, because it looks too complicated...
    I like your yarn colors :) Very bright and happy.