Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thus Far

Well I haven't been keeping up with all of my resolutions, and one of them was to be a more regular blogger. Which as you can all see I haven't been doing. One of them was to lose weight, been so busy at work I don't feel like working out (excuse alert). I have been really sporadic about reading my bible, so technically not living up to resolution of reading everyday. But the one thing I have been really good about was knitting more socks this year, in fact I have a hat to show you as well.

The hat follows the NFL Superfan hat from Ravelry. I did not however use cascade 220 for the pattern, I used Red Heart Super Saver and I think that it looks great. I made this for my husband.

These socks are part of my New Year's Resolution, I couldn't find the ball band for these so I cannot remember what the yarn is. So if you or you know anyone who does I would greatly appreciate it. As you can see these are not perfectly matching stripes, but in order to do so I would have had to sacrifice a lot of yarn which I wasn't willing to do so here they are. But I like them as they are.

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