Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm A Bad Blogger!

Well so much for blogging more regularly, things have been a teeny weeny bit busy around here. Greg and I bought a house, Yippee! We are going through the whole paperwork and waiting for closing and all that gobbledygook. I am super excited and so I will do a before and after series for you guys to see what it will turn into.

As for knitting here is what I have been doing...

Here is a little hat to go with the baby blanket I made, I thought it might be nice, since they live in a part of Oregon where it is a little bit drizzly around this time of year.

This is Tiki in the Felici self striping yarn from Knit Picks, (my wonderful husband got for me). I still haven't tried the afterthought heel yet I suppose I should at least get on with it, since it looks so nice when its all done.

And as for spinning it is more than the last picture I put on here, but I haven't spun for like a month. I haven't been really doing much on knitting or spinning. But since I haven't posted anything in forever I thought I would update some things.

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