Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Well you would think that I fell off the face of the Earth. I am sorry that my blog has been derelict for so long. We have been super busy with our house lately there is never time and when there is I am either working or sleeping.

But anyhow I do have some stuff to blog about house and knitting wise...

I am knitting these socks out of happy feet and as usual they don't have a color name. I bought this at our newest local yarn store, Come Yarn Over. They are a great store and I love going there. So we went from having no stores to having two. They are working together so to speak, they have a mutual agreement to try to sell different stuff from one another so as not to compete. Which I think is great.

As for our new house we are still not living in it, but we are very close. This coming weekend we are going to put up sheetrock, then since we alread bought our cabinets, its just a matter of putting them up. Then we will tile the counters and the floors.

So I have been getting to work in the yard a little so that has been nice, turns our we have a sprinkler system. It needs a little work and maybe a few more heads added but I am excited that we have something that will make watering such a large yard.

So wish us luck and hopefully we will be in our house by the end of July.

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