Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Birthday surprise!!!

Well my husband G's birthday is coming up on the 18th and he picked what he wanted me to knit a couple of days ago. We found this pattern on Ravelry by Bohemian Knitter Chick, called the smocking cap. He picked out those color because he loves the San Diego Chargers. Here is the start.....

I finally finished the Head Huggers pattern hat for myself. I thought it would be so soft and cuddly in this Caron Simply soft. I took forever because I was dragging it to relative's houses and never having anytime to do it. But I finished it a while ago and here it is just being posted.

Well I am tired of going to dry my hands off after washing them to find that the towel his even wetter than my hands were in the first place. I take care of a some kids periodically. I am knitting a hand towel for myself and G and it is going to be in a place up high where only we can reach it. I used some Sugar'n Cream cotton yarn in potpourri. It matches all the color of my bathroom except the purple but it is a nice accent color.

I will keep you updated on the hat and the dishcloth....

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