Friday, March 20, 2009

First of the Pair

Well I cast on for Greg's first sock of the pair. I decided to go with a k2, p2 ribbing for comfort and stretch. I love this yarn, it is very soft and it has a great color. Unfortunately my camera doesn't do it justice. This yarn is super fine so it knits up pretty slowly and I am using number 2 needles. It has great flecks up purples and red and blues, so it should be interesting when I get to the simple stockinette to see what pattern emerges.
Well this is the same type of yarn but in a different color lot Indigo,
with different hues of blues.
I think that I will knit this up for myself. I will probably do another pair of socks, but with a delicate
leaf pattern down the front of the foot.
This is my oldest cat Slinkie, he is trying to convince me that if I don't pet him he is going to jump all over the keyboard. I think that this is his idea of mind control, which must work because I always drop what I am doing to pet him when he looks at me like this. He sort of looks ticced off.
Well my mother and father are coming tomorrow to drop of a cargo trailer so that we can make this move in one day. They are going to take me and Greg to lunch to celebrate my upcoming 23rd birthday. It is on monday. I just wish that I was feeling better, my cold seems to have let up in certain areas but has moved to others, I now have a middle ear infection, caused by the cold itself, and I have pretty much lost my voice, it's all raspy and squeaky. But that won't stop me from talking (nothing will hehe). But physically I feel better, back to spring cleaning and packing for me. Greg and I are moving this coming thursday. It is coming so soon. Luckily I will still be able to blog regularly so that will be something that will be the same and hopefully help me to settle in nicely. Anyhoo I will talk to yall later....

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