Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well one of the dishcloths I was working on was tore up by our youngest cat Reeses. He even had the nerve to hide the evidence in an empty drawer. It's okay I wasn't sure that I was very fond of the colors together. He seems to always take things apart that I am unsure of. Maybe it was a sign. Maybe I should put away my things. Well I was going to start on Greg's sock yesterday but I was really sick. It came on all of a sudden. I was feeling good cleaning the kitchen, and I started to feel a little dizzy and then a little nautious and then I laid on the couch and was suddenly freezing cold and I have been getting worse since that point. Oh well, I am bummed though because my arms are barely strong enough to hold the needles and the yarn up. It is all I could do just to type this. I am getting a little nostalgic for the house though I am sad that we are going to have to say goodbye so soon. I will miss our first house. This is where we first brought two kitties home and made them part of our family. This is where we have memories, and this is where I taught myself to knit from the internet. I will miss this place.

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