Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm Soooo Lazy!!!

Well I haven't written in forever, I have been so busy doing other stuff that I am neglecting to blog regularly. Well as you can see we have been packing. We keep making trips to our local Safeway for banana boxes (they are super sturdy) and I never realized how much stuff we have in this house. Oh my goodness, I opened up my desk in our extra bedroom, I started to pull things out and I was actually worried I would be buried alive. This is just one little pile we have in the house I would have taken more pictures except that would have been boring and since we are moving house cleaning has taken the backseat and I wouldn't want disgrace myself.
The boys have been more than willing to help me pack by gaurding the boxes so no one will move them.

As you can see Slinkie takes his job very seriously never ever leaving the boxes to do personal tasks. He does everything right here.

He is sleeping on my box that has my sewing machine and fabrics and whatnot. I tell you the thing that I hate about packing the most is trying to decide whether you need something up until the last minute or if it could be packed right away. And 9 out 10 times I have decided there won't be any time to use it so pack it now and then I tape the box up. Meanwhile I am feeling good about myself I just banged out another box and then I need to patch a quilt and everything is in the box and so... RIP into the box to retrieve the necessary items.

Now Reeses he doesn't take the job as seriously he isn't anywhere near his designated area. He is sunbathing in the window and enjoying his little hiatus. From what I don't know... He likes to sleep on the boxes too, but as far as he's concerned Slinkie is holding down the fort just fine without him.

He has been doing much better. I haven't had any kids at my house for about a week and he seems to be enjoying the peace and quiet.

Well I finished the other pair of mittens. I like the way they turned out. These are nice because they go with just about everything that I own. And yet they have little flecks of color in them. I

decided to knit them in the a cotton yarn, because they are a little lighter and so my hands don't get sweaty. They wash up really nice as well which is good since I wear them outside all the time.

Here is the start to those pink socks I am knitting. I don't like this picture but I just can't seem to find a better exposure in the house for this color of socks. They are Hot pink if you can't tell.

As I look at this picture I realize that I really need to take some time to sand down my hobby desk and restain it. It looks awful. But I like the socks so far I picked the color because I usually wear a lot of nuetrals and plain clothes but I like my socks to be a lot of fun. So I haven't decided whether to add any fun pattern to the leg of them or not or whether I will just let the color be the fun part. Let me know what you think.

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