Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, I have been so sick these last couple of days, I am still running a fever but I am getting stir crazy, I am still watching kids at my house even though I keep telling the kids' mom that I am sick, seems to go through one ear and out the other. I am just trying to be positive, I keep telling myself that I am lucky because her kid is easy to handle, he is nice and quiet when I want him to be and when you put him down for naps he takes nice long ones. I have been working on G's hat again, I went braindead and was totally doing it all wrong, I got several rows into it before I realized it. I am going to knit myself some more mittens, I am also going to get back to work on those socks I planned on doing before. I also am stressed because we have approximately 19- 30 days left before we move depending on how G's finals schedule lines up in March. So I have been going through the closets and moving things around and deciding what stays and goes, what gets donated and thrown out. I am finding out that I need many more boxes and I am stressed because we cannot get my car to do anything, and I am not going to leave it here. Anyhoo everything has been going really well other than being a little stressed. I will get back to you soon hopefully I will be feeling a little better. bye

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