Monday, March 16, 2009

New Neighbors!

Well we got new neighbors last week and well they seem nice. It is a Mother with a two year old girl, and 18 year old son, and his girlfriend. They older kid (I don't know why I call him a kid I am just about to turn 23 where do I get off?) came down to borrow a can opener (they lost theirs in the move) he was very polite and introduced himself (although I can't remember his name, maybe I am getting old). But they are so loud. We have lived here for 4 years this March, and we have had four sets of neighbors each one consistently louder than the last. The first set was a waitress at a bar who had deliquent kids climbing downt the gutters at all hours of the night, meanwhile she brought home several different boyfriends. We have had the family of 7, two parents and 5 kids. They were the drama queens. Then we had a mother, father , and daughter upstairs who had huge Rotweilers who sounded like stampeding elephant upstairs. And now the new neighbors, who have a screaming (not like a normal screaming two year old trust me) baby and an older brother who yells at the top of his lungs at her, and there are two parking spaces in the driveway and several on the street (we live on the corner) and for the three adult they have 4 cars, two huge dodge pickups, a huge boaty car and another little white thing. Meanwhile with all the parking spots G and I can't even park in front of our house, we can hardly get out of the driveway. They have a dog (don't get me wrong I love dogs) that barks at all hours. Let's just say that I wish the Landlords would have more consideration for the long term tenants. But it doesn't matter because we move next week. I also have not been working on anything in particular, I have been working on a sock but it looks terrible. I will leave you with these two...

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