Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Well I am excited I have finally got a job!!!! I am however not excited about what I will be doing. I am going to be cleaning peoples houses and some office spaces. I am just happy that I will be making some money and then Greg and I can get a house. I will keep looking for the dream job but for now this is good enough.

So today I volunteered down and Greg's work and I helped sort of hundreds of jerseys and categorized size and color. We were working up in the storage area and it was really hot up there.

I had to get the kids ready this morning at 8:30am to go to their other grandmother's house. I do not like that woman, she is so false, and I just hate the way the kids are when they get home from her house, if they were my kids I don't know if I would be letting her see them anymore, because there mother (her daughter) isn't supposed to be seeing the kids and I get the feeling that she is there secretly when the kids go there. Those kids went through a lot of terrible things when she had custody of them.

Anyways I am going to start working on this hat pattern I found online, and I am going to knit up some dishcloths. I went to the farmer's market and there was a woman there selling just knitted dishcloths and I was like if she can do maybe I can to, so I am going to look into doing farmers market or something along those lines, because she does a lot of business there and I wouldn't want to compete. I know that isn't very business like of me but I feel that they already have enough so I would like to either help or do something similar.

Anyhoo I will type some more later.

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