Saturday, July 18, 2009

Well I went down to work with the hubs and we stocked the concessions fridge, and he taught me how to work the concessions computer, and now I can volunteer and work at the concessions.

I have been craving to play our Sims 2 game that we have had for a while, but we took it off our computer during the school year so that the computer would run faster. Anyways I have been wanting to play it for a while so I put the CD in to install it and then it wanted the code, of course the code is on the back of the CD case, which is packed up somewhere in the trailer. So after a couple of days going through the boxes I finally find it, then I go to put the code in and it isn't on the back of the case it is on the back of the game manual. AHHHHH, but of course it isn't in the case like it is supposed to be, so I go looking for that but no luck. So I had to look for the code on the internet, I found one and it is loading now. Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Went swimming today with Greg and our neice and nephew and pushed them around the pool.

I am very tired now something about swimming really takes it out of me anyhoo talk later...

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