Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Stinks

Well, awhile a back I mentioned that I had a job finally, well they decided to hire one of their back up workers instead, which makes me sad because I went through all of the observations and paperwork, and this weekend they decided to go with someone who fills in for others. But oh well it wasn't meant to be. On to bigger and better things....
Saturday night I finished up the Sherbert dishcloth while Greg refereed a soccer match, and then yesterday, I cast on for another dishcloth while he refereed two more games and I am currently working on decreasing it it is in colorway Violet Veil.

Violet Veil

Anyways not to bad for a couple hours work. I haven't done anymore on my toe up sock, because things have been so busy here, but I will have some time today, so I might be posting pictures tomorrow.

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  1. Those are both nice colours. Don't worry about the job. You'll find something