Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Projects

I have started knitting a hat for the hubs, as a winter, early Christmas type present. I started a scarf for myself, I am following the Column of Leaves pattern by Brooke Nelson, on Ravelry. I am sort of putting of the sock I have been working on, only because every time I bring that sock out to work on the new puppy seems to be oddly attracted to the ball of yarn, so he has come very close to tearing it up some umpteen times by now.

You will have to excuse the blurry pictures and the cat hair.

I decided to knit the scarf in blue only because I have an excess of dark blue yarn. I thought it would also be different from all the green ones that I keep seeing. I know that you can't see it very well, but when it gets a little longer I will take another picture.


  1. my knitting is full of cat hair! I just tell people it's part of the fibre. Great scarves

  2. About ebay:
    A lot of buying on ebay just comes down to preference and a little faith. I'm lucky, my mother knits for a LYS and I've grown up around it, so I know what most of the yarns look and feel like before hand, so I have a half an idea of what I'm getting. I also know what they are worth. That's the big trick with ebay. Know what the yarn would be worth if you were to buy it at your local store. With ebay you have to factor in shipping costs, and a lot of ebayers are selling at retail (or just a little below) so once you factor in shipping, you're no longer getting a deal.
    You can email me at and I can give you a few of the ebay shops I keep an eye on. There use to be a lot more bargains on ebay, (people destashing) but now it's mostly retailers, however there are a few, a lot of the yarn I've gotten is about 30 - 50 % lower than it would be if I bought it at my local LYS. Ravelry is a good place ot look to as there are many people destashing through there.