Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Well on Sunday we went to the corn maze here it was pretty cute, the maze wasn't too difficult, but the kids loved it. They had a sand box there for the kids but instead of sand it was filled with dried corn. They had hay rides there too, although we didn't go. We got the kids some pumpkins while we were there.
Well the winter is finally starting to hit around here. We just got our woodshed completely filled on Sunday so that is good. The last few days have been pretty overcast and today is very windy. We are supposed to get wind gusts up to 40 MPH today. I grew up on the northern Oregon coast where that is the average speed, it can get pretty windy there.
As for knitting progress, I haven't done anything on my mittens but I am five rows from casting off for my cowl. I am sort of excited because the weather is getting chilly and it always nice to have something warm around your neck.
Greg is subbing today at a different school than usual, is the city school district, which means he will get paid a little bit more per hour. Which is always nice to put in the down payment for a house fund.
Anyways I will type more later....

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