Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Halloween

I love the holidays!!! I helped my mother-in-law decorate for Halloween yesterday, we couldn't get either of our husbands interested, but oh well. My father-in-law was reading the paper, and my hubs was resting his knee that he wrenched. He tore his lateral miniscus when he was 18 and 7 years later it is better but gets sore when he plays full speed, and when it is cold. It tried to snow yesterday morning but it didn't stick around.
Years ago when I was getting ready to go to college I wrecked my car, we paid to have someone fix it and redo everything. Now as the years have gone by little things are acting up with my car and it makes me mad. First the electric radio antennae broke, then the seal in the back passenger door is sort of loose, so when you drive 50 or faster it sort of whistles. Then the dashboard started to pull away from where the windsheild meets the hood. Then this summer the first 3 of 4 levels of Air conditioning stopped working so if you want to cool the car down you have to sit in an arctic blast the whole time. And now when you are driving the parking break light keeps flickering even though the lever won't go down any more. Anyhoo I am not sure if I should tell the guy to give the money back so I can go get it fixed or have him do it again (although he did a cruddy job the first time).
So no new knitting from me this week so far I have been in a hailstorm of craziness.

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