Saturday, November 21, 2009

Well here is the picture of my nephew wearing his new hat this morning. I love the way it looks from above him. His sister absolutely hates hats but she kept trying to rip this one off of his head so we had a couple of fits today. Went to the Shepherd's Market Bazaar today. It was really neat they had so many booths there with handmade goods. My mother-in-law made me feel really good though when we got to the knitting type crafts she told me that I should do my own booth with knitting and quilting. I also like to quilt but I haven't been able to post anything about that seeing as my sewing machine is all packed still. Tomorrow I am going help sew up some new jammies for the kids though. I'll take pics to show you, the fabrics are so adorable.
In other news my mother-in-law absolutely loves anything M&M and today we were at Albertsons and they had a big stuffed Red M&M with reindeer antlers and a candy cane so we got him as an early Christmas gift for her so that she can put him up before Christmas. We took pictures of the kids hugging him (and then later squabbling over him).
There are no pictures of Fallon with the M&M guy because she looked away for all of them and so I had to delete them.
I also started work on my new hat. I know I know I was supposed to finish all other work before I started. Relax I just cast on for it so that I could pick it up when I am done with the other stuff.

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  1. I like to quilt too, but can never seem to find the time