Sunday, November 22, 2009

Well this is a picture of my niece in her new little Dora the Explorer jammies. Isn't she the cutest little chubby butt? I have to admit it is really nice that they can go back to their own house, especially tonight they were both terribly cranky (because they were tired). But then when they are gone it is so quiet here. I even miss little Fallon tangling all my yarn up. I
Well my mother-in-law is lending me her yaktrax, which are rubbery, metal things that stretch over your shoes. I love to walk and since it gets so icy here I don't want to hurt myself. I am trying them out to see if I like them, and then I think that I will go out and get them or put them on my Christmas list.
As for knitting I got the bottom ribbing done on the hat I started. I am going to pick it up as soon as I am done with all other projects (maybe)hehe. Everybody wants me to knit a hat for Fallon because they all liked Mattix's so much. So now I got to go find some really cute girly yarn for a hat that has lots of colors. So now I have to knit a cute hat for this little munchkin.

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