Thursday, November 19, 2009


Well I finally finished Greg's black and orange hat. It turned out great. However I could not get him to model it for me in a picture so maybe next time. He said that he loves it. It looks really good on him (if I do say so myself). I used black and orange sport weight yarns. The black was regular acrylic red heart I think so that knit up nicely. Now the orange was a Kid 'n' Ewe (local brand) but I thought it was a bit thready for this type of project so I would suggest using it for things other than that. But here it is.

My mother-in-law liked Greg's hat so much that she asked if I would knit Mattix my nephew a new hat as he is grown out of his old one. She said she wanted lots of bright colors, so instead of choosing all those different yarns I just decided to go with the Red Heart Kids multi worsted weight yarn. It is soft enough that he won't find it itchy, which is great for toddlers. So here is the first side, somehow I got it doing a slow spiral and I just stuck with it.

Here is the second side, which doesn't look as good in this picture because of the brightness of the red. But trust me it is still really neat looking on this side as well. I think that he will really like it. I am not going to waist time on making Fallon a hat because she hates them with a passion.

I am halfway done with the second sock of the Kiwi socks. I am excited I really am on a roll, and I am finally finishing my projects. I have one more after this but it is sort of my travelling project so I am not fussed about finishing that right away. But the next project I want to cast on for is a pair of Wendy Johnson Socks, from her book, "Bavarian Cable socks" or I want to knit these socks from " The Big Book of Socks" by Kathleen Taylor, they are called Diamond Tracings socks. But back to work I go.

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