Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well I finally finished the second sock. I frogged the heel 3 times, for some reason I just didn't like the way it kept turning out but now I am happy with it. I started the second sock 2 days ago and I now have a complete pair. I am now inspired to finish all the other pair less socks I have started. Like that kiwi cabled sock that I finished ages ago and I have been dreading the second sock because of all that cabling I have to do but maybe I will just get started on that later today. Here is also a picture of my niece from this weekend while she was eating mashed potatoes. She still hasn't grasped the utensil thing yet and since the bowl got left right where she could reach it she decided to dive right in.
Needless to say she needed a bath immediately. She was so cute before this she had her hair in little pig tails on top of her head and her little dress was so cute and clean. But I have to admit she does really seem to be enjoying herself immensely.
Well I will get to work on all those unfinished projects that I have just sitting around waiting for some attention.

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