Sunday, December 6, 2009

Well, I am sick and it wasn't too bad at first but now I have no voice, a nasty cough and I am all stiff everywhere.
But I still went Christmas shopping yesterday, looking for some stuff for my dad. He is a tough one to shop for. I am going to knit him a thicker fishing hat to go with some of his stuff. We went to the mall and I was so suprised it was practically deserted. I don't know if it was because it was early, or if it is because people are trying to be more conservative this year or what. But oh well...
I got a newsletter from Lion Brand today about their new yarn that they came out with that has the look of handpainted yarn, it is pretty cool looking. It is called Amazing. I actually really like the look of this stuff. I wish that our local Joann's had it, because I am not sure if the LYS will have it, since she sticks with more expensive, and remote brands but sometimes I can find a mainstream brand in there so you never know.
Anyways I am off to go to the local Christmas Bazaar, then to Joann's, and then to go look for some new tennis shoes for Greg's indoor soccer games.Hopefully I will be able to make it without passing out. See ya...

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  1. That is neat looking yarn!

    Hope you feel better soon!