Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Well once again we have a sick kitty. My baby Reeses has a got a virus, but they gave him some fluids at the vet and gave him some antibiotics there and for us at home to use. I hate it when they are sick, I don't like seeing them so fragile and non-responsive. My two boys are pretty rambunctious and you can see it easily when they don't feel good. Any prayers or good thoughts would be appreciated.
I have finished my niece's hat it turned out very cute. It sort of has a slanted striping going on. It should go with her snow suit very well. My mother mentioned that my father's fisherman hat that I gave him for Christmas last year is wearing through, so I am making him a new one that is a lot thicker. I have started working on it but I
decided not to take any pics of it til' it is finished. But I will tell you what yarn I decided to use for the project. I am using a Super Bulky Wool-ease Thick and Quick from Lion Brand in Charcoal. I decided to knit it in a k1,p1 ribbing so it is nice and stretchy, I am knitting long so he can roll up the brim to wherever he prefers. That is about all, I will be posting a pic soon.

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