Monday, December 21, 2009

Well Reeses ended up being fine after all, he had a virus that caused a liver infection. He was really sick and after a few visits and overnight stays at the vets office, he is back to normal. Except for the fact that he has a few bald spots from where they had to shave him to give him IV's for his medicine. But he is back to his frisky self and running around like crazy.
I finished my dad's hat that I knit for him. I don't have any pics of it but maybe I will get one with him wearing it. I have to wrap all the presents for my parents and Grandma, but I also have to get ready tomorrow because we are leaving for my parents house on Wednesday. I decided to print out a bunch of simple patterns for my Grandma because she is a knitter and a crocheter but she likes to knit dishcloths and scarves. So I am making her a pattern book.
I am going to miss my babies when we leave them but we will be back on Sunday and Greg's mom loves them a lot so they will be just fine. Anyhoo I will get back to tomorrow.

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