Monday, May 31, 2010


Well Greg and I went to Medford this weekend because he was coaching a U19 boys soccer team at a tournament. I had no access to a computer (having rid myself of our laptop years ago) I didn't make to my blog to post. But I have some fun stuff to post about.
As I think I have mentioned our local yarn store here in town closed up. And so if I want anything other than what Joann's has to offer then I either have to drive over to Medford or I order it online. Well I've never been to the yarn store in Medford but it was wonderful, I went this Saturday and they were having Social Knitting time. Everyone was so nice and helpful and the proprietor of the store (Middleford Yarns & Stitchery) Sonya was just wonderful, very helpful she has a great atmosphere in her store everything was open and bright but there was also nooks and crannies where you could just curl up and knit for hours.
So to what I got, I bought 4 skeins of Happy Feet yarn 2 of each color as they come in 50grams and I wanted to have enough for socks.

In other news I got a lot of time to work on the second sock of the Bavarian cables.

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  1. Beautiful colorways! I especially love the hot pink and yellow yarn. Make sure you post pictures of your new socks.