Sunday, June 6, 2010

House/Dog Sitting.

Well again I have fallen behind on my regular posting, but again was busy and where I was the computer was not so great. Greg and I were house/dog sitting for his cousin and her husband while they went to a graduation in Colorado.
Their house is very cute, sort of cottage style, but she has given a little bit more modern flair and a feminine touch it looks very nice.
They have 3 dogs, Murphy(German-wirehair), Shay(unknown), and Sunny(also unknown). They are all very good dogs but they get really antsy when she is away, and she can't kennel Murphy he has anxiety problems. So enter us. I love going over there and sort of having our own house temporarily, and the dogs are great.
But sometimes it makes me sad because Greg and I are still trying to find high enough paying jobs to make a mortgage payment each month and still have money for all the other bills. Thus we are still at Greg's parents house. I am very thankful to them for providing us with a home, but after living on our own in our own place for 5 years it sometimes feels like I am reverting back to childhood. I miss being able to buy stuff for your own place and sticking where you want it, I even miss complaining about all the things that are wrong with the house.
But in other news I have no other new knitting to post for, I am almost halfway with the second sock of the bavarian cables.
I have to get ready for work now see ya later.

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