Saturday, June 26, 2010

Klamath Kruise

Well tonight is the annual Klamath Kruise, where everyone in town and out brings their classic cars to show of in a parade downtown. I am not a big car wierdo, but I do like to look at some of the more unique paint jobs, and some cars just can't be anything else but cool.
I am a little bummed because Greg won't be there in fact he won't be here for the rest of the week. I am dropping him off at 2pm today so that he can carpool with another guy down to Santa Barbara for a soccer clinic for coaches and players. I don't want him to go but I want him to go. Ahhh complications of life. I think that it will be a good experience for him, but I think the longest we have been apart is like two days. Not that we are both big babies or anything(OK I am) but we just really enjoy each others company. Which is good since we are married. But like some married couples they do a lot of things apart and that keeps their marriage healthy, we just aren't like that, yes we both have things that the other one doesn't do but we still try to include each other in that as well. So I am proud of him for getting the opportunity but I will miss him lots.
I am going to take pics of the cooler cars tonight and maybe post them on the blog if anyone is interested. If there are an abundance of orange cars it is because I am taking pictures for Greg so he can see what he missed and his favorite color is orange.
Knitting wise again no pictures I have started another dishcloth. And I finally am getting back the last of the Bavarian cables that I have left to sit (which is just despicable). Those should be done soon so you should see pics of them soon (fingers crossed).

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