Sunday, June 27, 2010


Well last night was the Klamath Kruise, and I was going to take pictures. But some unforeseen incident happened. Fallon (my niece) fell in the shower and cut her head open so we were rushing around trying to decide if she needed stitches. So we took her to her Aunt Deb's house(she's a nurse). Then after that she didn't need stitches just butterfly band aides, so we doctored her up and went to the Kruise and I forgot the camera in all the hubbub.
In other news Greg is almost to Santa Barbara and he is already having a good time, but didn't sleep well (because there was no one to steal the sheets from him ;) ). Same here I guess it isn't as fun to steal the sheets when there is no one to steal from.
Today was nice I talked to Greg early and then I helped my mother-in-law plant flowers in her yard.
Hoping to get some time to knit today and take some pics. Also the ring that Greg gave me, like all jewelry does not photo well with my camera, so I will have to try something else.

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  1. So glad the little one is okay. Head wounds bleed so much they are always scary!
    I hate it when Dave's not in the bed either. Tho we sleep with our own blankets now. (we both think the other one is stealing them)