Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well I finally finished the Bavarian Cables from Wendy's first book Socks from the Toe Up. The one on the left is darker because it hasn't completely dried. As for the picture sorry it is sort of crummy. I need a new camera. I will take better ones when the one sock is dry.

Also in answer to Unraveled Librarian yes I did get the bird out, and surprisingly without it or me having a heart attack.

I am also waiting on some more circular needles from knit picks, I am going up a size A) because I clutch the little size 0's til' they bend, and B) even though the socks that I knit up on the size 0 fit I would prefer a little bit roomier socks, and because I am lazy and refuse to alter the pattern mathematically I will just go up to 1's. I am hoping that these will be better for my hands as they seem to get so stiff(probably from the previously said clutching) when I use the smaller ones.

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