Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Its a Bird!

Well I woke up this morning to a bird in our house. It apparently flew in through the open screen door and was stirring up quite a ruckus. My cat Reeses was very intrigued by this as you can see here.

Here you can see it is sitting in that planter and Reeses is sitting on the arm of the couch right below it.

This is where it landed next on top of the cornice box of the blinds. I have other pictures of it where the bird is in the ficus and Reeses is right below him staring up through the leaves but you can hardly see the bird in the photo.

Also update on Bavarian cables socks they just need to have their picture taken, which I have neglected to do I will do it later and probably post it at the latest by tomorrow.


  1. Oh no! That looks like a sizable bird, too. Were you able to get it out?

  2. Nothing like a little excitement for the cats