Thursday, July 8, 2010


Well Greg got home late Saturday, we woke up went to Parade. Then we went and picked up supplies for Greg's mom because she needed stuff for dinner later. Then we bought fireworks. We came home Greg took a nap, I made Rhubarb Strawberry dumplings. Family came, we ate, we lit fireworks. Then Greg's mom, Greg, the kids and I went to a our "spot" to watch the big ones that the city does every year. We came home and went to bed.
Lets skip ahead to Tuesday Greg gets to phone calls to come and interview for teaching positions he goes to the first gets a job and didn't need to go to the second one. Yippee He got a job!!!! He is now the first grade teacher at Stearns Elementary. I am so proud of him he finally got it and it is only his second round of interviews and he only just finished his first year as a substitute. I am so excited to help him get his classroom all squared away. My mom wants him to give her a list of all the things that he can't purchase with his allotted budget. Everyone is really excited for him.
So I will be taking over some of his responsibilities at the club and I will then be making more money and hopefully get a raise. So hopefully before Christmas we will have our own house.

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  1. Congrats to Greg! That's fantastic. Good luck with the house buying too!