Monday, August 23, 2010

I hate/love GPS!

Well, so Greg and his team had a tournament in Portland this weekend and we drove up the coast early so we could spend some time with my parents. Well since I have moved from my where I spent most of my childhood a yarn store moved into town. I was pretty excited I thought while we are there I can go... Well we find the store it has already closed down. So I say oh well lets still plan on going to the spinning store on our way to portland. So we put the address into the gps on our phones and it leads us right to where the store used to be... Turns out it had moved locations and the new place was way out of the way for us. So we didn't go and I didn't get to test out Wheels :( So we got into Portland and Greg and I both have like 2 or 3 stores that we want to go to lined up on the agenda. We have it scheduled around the game times. Our car starts making this grinding noise when we break, now it sounded like a rock got stuck in the wheel and we weren't having trouble stopping. But it turned out our break pads were completely gone. So there goes a lot of our spending money and we had to walk to the feilds carrying all the heavy soccer bags. So we finally got the car fixed and then we tried to go to some of the stores Greg wanted to go to and we couldn't find them. ahhhhhhhhh.

Other than that we did find a store with teaching supplies for Greg long after we left Portland and we find what could pass for a yarn store and got some nice yarn....

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