Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Well it is the end of August and I have nothing to show in the way of progress except for a paycheck that I will get in like 3 days. I have been so busy (bored) at work that I haven't had any time for knitting. But today is my day off so maybe I will watch some SG-1 and finish up those socks.
In other news we are going to Medford this coming Saturday. I always get so excited to go to Medford. I love it there because of Middleford Yarn & Stitchery. They are a nice little all around stitching type place great knitting selection. Part of me gets a little sad when I go there because it is always on the weekends when we go and they are having their Saturday and Sunday social knitting time. It makes me miss our little local yarn store and it makes me mad that I hadn't lived here long enough to really get many chances to go into it before she closed her doors. But oh well.
While we are in Medford we are going to get Greg some new teaching type clothes more button up shirts dark wash jeans, slacks, that sort of stuff.
We are really getting his classroom set up, he is in in-service this week, next week is the first day for kids ahhhhhh. He had this ugly built in storage in his classroom that was all open and weird looking, and I had offered to make him some curtains if he found a fabric that he liked. But we came up with a better solution. Walmart was having twin flat sheets on sale for 3 bucks so we bought two and the I just opened the seams on the edges and slipped them onto a curtain rod, they were perfect I didn't have to hem them or anything. We had also went to Home Depot and bought a carpet remnant for his carpet area, and the principal had told us this would be fine, but then come to find out the district has a rule about the length of carpet fibers and how it affects the air quality. The principal felt so bad she bought Greg and brand new kid friendly rug for his room, it cost 300 dollars, the remnant we bought cost 55. We tried to convince her not to that we would just improvise and he would save up for a better rug, but she wouldn't have it. He has a smart board in his classroom which is nice.
Well I really don't have any other news to report. So I will see ya later.

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