Monday, September 13, 2010

Well POO!

Well I am finally here. I never have time for anything fun anymore. I have been really stressed out with work, I have been coming down with some yucky cold. I love working up at the soccer club, but I get so tired of not being able to finish any of my own work, because nobody else seems to be able to do what they sign up for and then they just shove it off on me. Greg has started teaching so he is there less and less and I am there more and more. He feels bad because he usually keeps people bothering me to a minimum, and the only reason he is staying on as director is because if he leaves they will force me to take over and I don't want it. So in the meantime I am looking for another job, and a way to just volunteer out at the club for the future.
The lights in the office are flourescent and they are giving me headaches while I am at work. So someone suggested opening them up and unscrewing half of the bulbs in side. That way they don't flicker as fast and cause my brain to sense the miniscule light changes.
But on to knitting I would post pictures of my progress except the camera is at school with Greg. So that is a no go. Hopefully I will finish with those today and maybe be able to start planning what I am going to do with all this other really pretty yarn I have bought.

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