Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Well here is the progress so far on the socks that I am making for my mother. They are a little over half way done. I have started the lace pattern on the back of the leg now, you can't really tell since the stitches want to roll back. I am knitting these out of Plymouth Yarn co.'s Happy Feet yarn, color way unknown to me. I am using Wendy Johnson's Dead Simple Lace socks pattern from her first toe up book. I am liking the way they are turning out I thought that the pooling of the colors in the yarn would detract from the lace pattern but I looks very nice.

In other news I started and finished a simple stockinette hat for myself, I was testing a size for the hubs because I want to make him the Chargers Super fan hat and I didn't know what size he would need, so I knitted one up for myself in the same yarn but different color.
I made it out of Red Heart Super Saver multi, can't remember the color. Sorry this picture is so poor, I took a picture of the back of my head. I used size 6 needles or 4mm. I am going to use the same for Greg's hat but his will be striped with dark blue, white, powder blue, and electric yellow.
In other news I got a kindle and I absolutely love it. I thought that because it is electronic that it would be harder to sort of use my imagination to the point where the book would just disappear, but I am not having any problems with it at all. I have been going through some Ilona Andrews books, I read some Nora Roberts on there. I have really been enjoying it. Greg got me a nice LED book light for night time so that I wouldn't keep him awake with the side table lamp on.
I am hoping to get these socks finished before the end of this week and get them posted on the Socktoberfest Ravlery club. I am such a loser, I was hoping that by joining this group that it would spur me into action and I would get a lot of Christmas sock knitting done. Almost one sock later... Oh well I did get sidetracked by a hat and other patterns, and work.
Well hopefully I can post some more progress tomorrow, try to get back into the swing of things and blog more, I know that I keep saying that I will and then I lose track of it all over again. I am still finding time to read everyone else's just not write on my own.

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