Monday, November 8, 2010


Well I finally finished the socks for my mother's Christmas present. Here they are... The pattern is Wendy Johnson's Dead Simple Lace socks, from her first toe up sock book. I used Plymouth Yarn Co. Happy Feet for this. Color unknown. They are approximately size 8.5 and I haven't blocked them yet. My mother wears 8.5 - 9 shoes. This picture is outside on my mother-in-law's deck. I like the trees in the background because they have the same yellow as the socks.

Now I noticed something when I was knitting these. I knit these two at a time from the toe up, magic loop. The skeins of yarn were bought at the same time but as you can see there is more green
in the sock on the left than there is in the other one. There is also not as much yellow in the one on the left as on the right. But I still love the way they turned out and hope that my mom loves them.
I am now going to work on my mother-in-law's sock and I finally found a pattern that looks good to me. I am going to knit Riff from the latest issue of knitty. I have cast on for my Grandmother's sock as well and should have a little bit to take a photo of soon.

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