Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Adventure!

Well I just received my order for some roving and a drop spindle. I got it yesterday and I am loving it so far. My arm is getting so tired but it is fun. I just have a little high top whorl spindle and the fiber is Merino Top I got 8oz for 17.95 the color is amethyst. Well my first yarn so far is everything that it should be thick and thin, but it is fun, I am going to two ply it , this is the first 1/8 of the 80z.

I am off the finish my Thermis and spin some more. The spindle I have is just a plain unfinished tool so I was thinking of making a design myself I just don't know yet, because I can stain it or I can paint it with acrylic. Any suggestions?

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