Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nothing Much

Well it has been a little blah around here lately. We are both off for the summer and so we have been mostly doing work around the humble abode. Which is getting a bit stale. There is so much work left to do yet, I want to skip ahead to the pretty flowers, nice grass, beautifully painted house, and all that good stuff. But that all takes time and money. Time we've got, money not so much.
On the knitting and spinning front well I am going to make myself sit down tonight and knit myself some more dishcloths. I haven't much to report on progress, I have a pair of socks that are about to be cast off. No pics today though (next time). I haven't spun since we went to my mother's house last week. I sort of have everything needed for spinning all strung out through the house. I have to admit I have been very lackadaisical about a lot of craft related projects. I think it's because we are spending so much energy on putting up a new fence for our newest little addition to the family. Dozer is 3 months old as of yesterday. He is over 30 pounds, and around 20 inches at the shoulder.

Here he has thoroughly terrorized the blankets on the bed.

Well I will hopefully have a bit more for you next time.

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