Friday, January 2, 2009


Happy New Year!
I hope everyone has started off with a bang. My neighborhood did, fireworks went off at midnight which then signaled the dogs upstairs to freak out and start barking. At least we were still awake. I am ahead of the game finally a down a couple of sizes (woohoo). That was going to be one of my resolutions to lose some poundage.
G and I went through a back to the future streak (netflix) and now I really want to read some Jules Verne novels, so today I am going to haul my hiney, with the kids I am watching today, to the library. I decided last night that we would go to the downtown library instead because they have a really cool secluded play room for kids. I also thought that I would give G an opportunity to finish planning his curriculum for his class. He had planned to do some while we were away, but could never find a good time. And as he goes back to work monday, and this weekend we are going to my parents to celebrate Christmas late he might not get any time.

My hands feel a little wierd I haven't knit for a couple of days, I am undecided as to what my next project I want to do will be. I have been playing a little of Paper Mario, I know it sounds silly but we have it for the Wii and it is a lot of fun.Any ways I am going to say goodbye for now I will see you later and maybe I will have a new project in mind or I will be another level higher on Mario.

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