Friday, February 20, 2009


Well I finished the dish cloth and I am starting another one, this time in cream and brick red.

sorry for the blurrieness.

I started casting on for G's hat and, then went to bed last night and woke up to find my knitting across the whole house and the yarn led to the needles like a little trail. Reeses decided to bring the yarn and everything to me and G last night because he wanted to play. So I recasted on this morning and having starting the round.

I can't believe that G and I are moving so soom, we haven't told the Landlord yet because the people who live next door told them they were moving in late Marchearly April and they have had to let people (potential renters) come through their house several times a week. I know that it sounds kind of dishonest because they need to find renters, but the last people who rented and then moved told them they were thinking of moving and they found new renters and when the original tenants decided not to move they were asked to leave. And that isn't in the contract but they didn't want to casue bad feelings so they were forced to find a new home. I just want to be able to pack up and get the house back to rights without a ton of strangers strolling through and making it difficult. So we are going to wait a couple more weeks and then tell them so we can get this done with as little stress as possible.

I need to start looking for new work soon since we are moving. I am a little worried about that. I have student loans to start paying off. And we want to buy a house soon and start a family so we are trying to go about this in the best way.

anyhoo I will talk to you later bye...

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