Wednesday, February 4, 2009

mittens and now a cowl

Mittens are done and I thought my goodness I haven't written anything in a while, so I better show what they look like and then tell you about what has been going on here.

Here is the pattern for these:

Needles: size 7 US double points

Yarn: Anything worsted weight, something soft about 75 yards give or take.

Stitch marker: 1 for beginning round and 2 for the gusset.

Cast on 32 stitches

row 1-12: k2, p2 ribbing

row 13: knit around

row 14: knit around


Setup: knit 16, place marker, increase 1, knit 1, increase 1, place marker, knit to the end of the round.

Row 1: knit around

Row 2: knit around

Row 3: Knit 16, slip marker, increase 1, knit to next marker and increase 1, slip marker, knit to the end of round.

Repeat rows 1-3 until there is 13 stitches between the gusset markers, row 18 since ribbing.

Knit around slipping all markers

Next round: knit to marker, remove marker, begin binding off until next marker, remove marker knit to the end of the round.

Knit 7 rounds plain

work 9-12 rounds of k2, p2 ribbing bind of loosely. repeat for next mitten

I am also starting a cowl to go with them....

Well on Sunday I had all the kids here and they were of course "behaving" themselves (haha) anyhoo, well somehow or other my toilet got clogged and I don't know what got flushed down the toilet but lets just say it didn't belong in there. Lets get past that gross part, so my husband G and I spent hours trying to plunge it and plunge it some more. Well are landlords have an emergency line that (which they never answer) you can call if you need to ask them something or get something repaired. Well G called and got a hold of someone right away (I almost passed out) Bob The Landlord. Bob was ticced that we had called and was like just live with it, turns out he was mad that we disturbed him during the Super Bowl. Well my being so polite and shy I said loudly (so that Bob could here me as well) "Well if he doesn't come up with something I am going to go over to his house and use his toilet." Bob of course being the generous soul he is said "No, No, no I'll find someone to come fix it for you. He calls back and says that we need to call Roto Rooter becasue no one wants to come help us. Meanwhile I've got four kids who all pee like fifty times a day and they are getting cranky that there isn't a toilet. So we call Roto Rooter and they are like we'll get someone right out to you. 3 phonecalls later and 5 hours go by and still no Roto Rooter. So the kids go home and G and I make a run to Jack in The Box to use the bathroom (2nd time that day) and then we go to bed. Monday bright and early G goes to work and I get up to wait for Sequoia (I take care of him during the week) to come (and complain about the toilet hehe). So Bob calls and asks if RR came or not I tell him NOT! They have found a pipe snake and we can borrow it but I have to come and get it and it is like a half and hour drive. Well my car decided it wanted a rest from driving and didn't start so I had to go back and call Bob and tell him that my car won't start, he proceeds to tell me that my husband can come get it, I told him that would mean waiting until 4'oclock that evening. He was all for that plan, I said this in my politest, shyest voice, "No I am running a child care out of my house I have been waiting since yesterday for the toilet to start working I cannot wait anymore either you have someone bring it here or I am going to call an expensive plumber and then take it out of what I owe you for rent!!!!! So he generously sent his wife out to give it to me. It took me and hour and half and I finally fixed it and then had to wait til' G was home before I could go give it back to them. All in all I was in pretty high spirits.

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