Saturday, July 11, 2009

Well, more good news, the hubs has four jobs, he is the program manager for the local soccer club, he is a weekend referee, he is either an assistant varsity soccer coach/ or head coach of the junior varsity soccer team for a local highschool, and he just was recently approved to be a substitute teacher for the district 8th grade and down. I sooo proud of him, he has worked really hard.

Meanwhile lucky lucy over here has been to the employment office a million times and still nothing, I am just not finding what I am meant to do apparently. Although my brother-in-law had to go to Colorado for military reasons, and since my mother-in-law works fulltime as does her husband, and now that my hubs is working, I will be getting paid a little to help out with my niece and nephew.

I have however made no progress on anything craft, not even knitting, I feel like such a poser, I take my knitting everywhere with me, but I never can find the time to even work a couple of stitches. I am pathetic. Oh well it'll come sooner or later.

Been reading a little of Nora Roberts, books. I read Angel's Fall, I read Birthright, and I am currently reading Bloodbrothers, one of her sign of seven trilogy. I always thought that her books would be like mushy romance novels, all about sex and back stabbing, and more sex with your cousins, brother or some crap. But these are just the right mix of everything, interesting. A little bit of Romance, Mystery, Murder, Thriller, Comedy, and a lot of everything else.

Well I am gonna go talk to you later.,....

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