Friday, November 13, 2009

Morning Walk

Well I went for a walk at about 6 yesterday. I took a couple of photos. Here is a couple... This first pic is of one of my mother in-law's roses. I took this one as I was walking out of the yard. This next photo is of the little bridge that I walk over to get to the trail. It was all covered with snow and ice. Good thing there is a railing, because one of the planks is got a wicked crack in it. This little bridge goes from one side of a little irrigation canal to the other. This photo is of the trail that I walk along the canal. It is nice and open out here, the neat thing is that I am still close to home because the trail curves around to behind our culdesac. The vegetation is all frosted but I liked the way the grass was leaning and sort of sparkling in the sun. I like the sound of the frost and ice crunching under my boots. I couldn't get a picture of it but. As I was walking I kept hearing a another crunching noise besides my own. Well I kept turning around thinking someone was on the trail with me or maybe there was an animal in the bushes. But when I finally found the source of the sound I just about fell down from laughing. In this backyard there was a trampoline and it was all covered in ice and snow, well when I took a closer look there was a German Wire hair dog just jumping on the trampoline. He wasn't on it with anyone, he was just out there all by his lonesome, but I think he liked the noise he was making while he was jumping around. Well I finished a sock from a totally different pair that I started (shame on me for falling into the SSS pattern) but here it is... It is colorway Banana Berry. There is a lime green, dark blue, sky blue and a yellow in there. This is a typical toe up sock but I just customized it to fit my foot. I don't have much more news than that other than I have started on the match to this sock.

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  1. Looks like a great place to walk.

    Your parcel is on it's way!!!!